Experience ARCOM

Situated on the western border of Arkansas in Fort Smith, the second largest city in the state, The Arkansas College of Osteopathic Medicine (ARCOM) offers the latest in medical education where students have the opportunity to begin their journey toward a rich and rewarding medical career. The mission of ARCOM resides on the principle, “to serve the underserved,” and will focus on educating and training primary care physicians who will serve in underrepresented areas in the State of Arkansas and surrounding region.

ARCOM will offer an innovative “helix” curriculum comprised of lecture, team-based, and interactive learning strategies where courses are integrated across all biomedical science disciplines each semester using a systems-based approach, emphasizing previously learned biomedical concepts, and applying newly acquired knowledge in order to understand more complex system interactions. The majority of the courses include a team-based learning component in which students apply their knowledge in solving case-based problem scenarios. This type of educational tool has been shown to be particularly successful in keeping students engaged in their own learning while building critical thinking skills, team interaction, and medical professionalism.

ARCOM is focused on student success directed towards the development of competent, caring, and compassionate physicians who seek to serve the underserved, wherein the educational experience at ARCOM supports and encourages students to develop a pattern of individual responsibility and capacity for life-long learning and growth as competent, patient-centered, holistic osteopathic physicians.