An OPTI is an alliance of affiliated clinical sites linked through electronic networks, teaching, research, and community health initiatives with a shared commitment to excellence in the education of today’s students and tomorrow’s physicians. The OPTI partners join forces to advance postgraduate clinical education, research initiatives, public health, and preventive medicine programs to benefit the patients that its members serve.

In cooperation with its partner hospitals and clinics, private physicians and interested state agencies, the College of Osteopathic Medicine has joined the Tennessee Osteopathic Medical Education Consortium (TOMEC) in an attempt to advance Graduate Medical Education in the state and region. ARCOM is a participant in TOMEC’s innovative program to provide consistent and quality clinical education and training for its students and graduates. TOMEC strives to increase opportunities for medical education for the students of ARCOM, students from other colleges of osteopathic medicine and other health care professionals, as well as to develop and promote excellence in postdoctoral medical training, including the development and continuous improvement of internships, residencies, fellowships, and continuing education programs.

TOMEC, an OPTI operating as a graduate medical education consortium, is a network of hospitals, clinical, and other health care institutions committed to providing undergraduate and post-graduate academic training and to promoting excellence in osteopathic medical education and research. In its first three years of operation, TOMEC  has developed programs that have grown to provide over 200 approved GME positions. TOMEC places an emphasis on providing care for the elderly, indigent, and minority patient populations and the development of primary medical care providers—which the partners define in a broad manner—from family medicine to women’s health and gynecology, general and orthopedic surgery, emergency medicine physicians, and geriatricians. TOMEC programs are located in the greater Appalachian area, Mississippi and Western Arkansas and include Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine and Orthopedic Surgery.